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Meet Alex

Hi There! I'm Alexandria "Alex" Brouard, a Professional Organizer and Founder of Cozy Home Studios! I'm also a wife, mom and loyal karaoke lover.

I have been organizing, decorating and cleaning for over 10 years and decided to turn my passion into a now flourishing business. I have always wondered where my gift of transforming spaces, and paying great attention to detail would take me. My skills were born out of this drive to always challenge myself to create something out of nothing. Growing up I always wanted to have the best room in the house and my family always encouraged creativity, this gave me the freedom I desired to dive deeper into my passion.

I believe that all spaces have the capability to be cozy; I'm here to guide you and help puzzle together the broken pieces that create the clutter. It's all about decluttering and creating unique systems that work for you. 

I absolutely love transformations and I love the speechless feeling I leave clients when I create the vision they never knew was possible. At Cozy Home Studios were are a true no judgement zone, we treat all our clients like family and work alongside you to create a functional, organized home environment. 

Let us help you say goodbye to clutter so you too can have a Cozy Home!

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